Veronica Tunis, MA, LPC, NCC Psychotherapist

Individual and Group Therapy Lakewood

Meet Veronica

​I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado offering individual and group therapy Lakewood can count on. I opened my private practice in 2015. I use a collaborative, trauma-informed, multicultural model that supports individuals in strengthening the skills, wisdom and talents they already have while also challenging them to develop new ways of managing the ups and downs of life. 

​I moved to Denver in 2008 and spent my first year living here volunteering with a group of recent college graduates through AmeriCorps with a local organization, the Colorado Vincentian Volunteers. That year challenged me to put lots of things in perspective, it reaffirmed my calling to walk with others on their journeys figuring out how to heal from painful pasts and learn how to thrive and live wholeheartedly and that we do that through connecting meaningfully with others, being accepted for exactly who we are, and having a sense of community.  From there I found ways to start doing this in the Denver Metro community and began working in community mental health and earned my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver. 

Working in community mental health agencies I gained first hand experience of the need for both quality and ethically sound mental health services.  I nurtured my passion for counseling while helping children, teens, young adults, and families navigate the challenges of living with severe mental illness and learning healthy coping skills to better manage their emotions, thoughts, and interpersonal relationships.  I’ve worked in a variety of mental health settings helping individuals struggling with addiction, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety at various levels of care including residential and inpatient treatment, intensive out patient, partial hospitalization, and home-based community services, and court mandated treatment. Those experiences provided a greater understanding of the need for treatment approaches that are person-centered, flexible, creative, strength based, personally meaningful and relevant.  

I am a firm believer in the idea that everyone is a work in progress including myself. My training as a clinician will never be done. I enjoy learning new methods of counseling and growing my therapeutic skills in order to continually provide my clients with the best care possible. 

A few words your therapist…

Choosing a therapist can feel like an overwhelming process. A simple google search based on zip code or specialty will present you with an abundance of choices. Individual and group therapy Lakewood is something to take some time in deciding. I believe making an informed decision about your counselor and what you need therapeutically is key to having a meaningful experience. Just like a good pair of shoes can get you, comfortably, where you need to go, a therapist that is a good match and fit for you and your needs is key to helping you on your journey.  Call me for a free 15 minute consultation to help determine if we would be a good fit. 303-800-3259. If calling feels intimidating email me at [email protected]

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