Addiction Recovery

Addiction can take on many different faces and manifest in your life in various ways–alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, exercise, food, unhealthy relationships, are just a few examples. Addiction recovery is also different for each person.

Whether you’re seeking recovery support from substance abuse, an eating disorder or other addictive behavior, individual or group counseling, I can support you along your journey.

I understand how challenging it can be to sustain a recovery focused lifestyle and make value congruent choices in a culture, society, and perhaps family system that does not quite understand the challenges individuals recovering from an addiction face on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can feel like everywhere you turn there is an invitation to use or give in to a craving or urge. 

Recovery is about choice. Yes, while there may have been a time in your life when the circumstances you were presented with made it such that your addiction was a mode of survival, this same method of coping is no longer effective and has actually become harmful to you. 

Choosing to live in recovery is just that, it is a choice you make every day, several times a day. Recovery is about harnessing your resources both internally and externally. 

Whether you’ve made the choice and commitment to be in recovery a few days ago or two years ago, maintaining these changes can be challenging.

What worked for you then might not be as effective now or maybe life transitions have presented new challenges to your recovery.

Together we can develop new skills for managing triggers or difficult emotions and thoughts.  

Focus on preventing relapse.

Empower yourself to continually choose new, healthy, life affirming behaviors. 

Learn relapse prevention techniques and mindfulness skills you can use at home and in your daily life. 

Recovery is not something that happens over night. I understand it as a continual process that involves honesty, courage, and persistence.

Creating the support you need in your life for a lasting recovery is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

While the specific support you need will be unique to your own recovery process, here are some aspects of recovery focused counseling you can expect:

  • Learn how to challenge old, self-destructive patterns of thoughts and behaviors
  • Learn how to tolerate distressing feelings and thoughts
  • Recognize and manage your emotions more effectively and with greater confidence
  • Practice new ways of thinking, acting, and feeling

Contact us today to learn about how counseling can support your recovery.