Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselor

Whether its drinking alcohol or using drugs, you know deep down that the relief you are searching for is not going to come from your drink or drug of choice. An addiction and substance abuse counselor may be able to help.

At one point in time your addictive behaviors might have been successful in helping you cope with life. Maybe you lost a job, experienced the death of a loved one, witnessed a traumatic event, been diagnosed with chronic health problems, grew up in a family system where abusing alcohol or drugs was how everyone coped, or you self-medicated to relieve symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. The drinking and drugging has allowed you to be numb to the difficult emotions and thoughts you experience. Substances made it possible to temporarily tolerate reality by distorting your experience. How often do you go to your addiction to escape your inner world?

While your addiction might seem like your only friend and is maybe the only thing you find comfort in anymore the reality is that these behaviors are likely destroying everything that is of any value to you.

Are your relationships suffering because of your relationship with drugs and/or alcohol?

Are you facing legal issues and involved with the criminal justice system due to your ongoing drug or alcohol use? 

Is it difficult to function at school, in your family, at work, or in your social life because your relationship with drugs and/or alcohol is spilling over to these other areas?

Choosing to end your relationship with your addiction is not an easy thing.

Maybe you’ve made countless efforts in the past to make a change.

Ever told yourself “Okay this is the last time”, or “This time will be different,” only to be met with frustration and disappointment. Or perhaps from one day to the next making a change goes from being possible to climbing Mt. Everest. Deep down you know you want change but you find yourself at a loss for how to even start. That’s okay, I am here to help you figure out what next steps to take or how to even just take the first step. It starts by making a phone call (303-800-3259) or sending an email. 

Recognizing and acknowledging this desire to do something different is the first step. And that’s all it takes to begin creating change…one step. Everyone’s journey on their path to recovery is unique. Your life experiences and your story is unlike any other and for that reason individualized treatment and care is a value of mine as a clinician. Together we will map out what you need to create lasting change in your life.

Change can be intimidating and be a source of anxiety. Counseling and therapy don’t have to be scary processes. The following are some aspects of counseling and treatment you can anticipate:

  • Substance abuse treatment involves behavioral, cognitive, and emotional changes. 
  • Experience a non-judgmental, non-confrontational and non-shaming or person blaming perspective about addiction and recovery.
  • Assessment is the first step and key to creating a treatment plan that fits you and takes into consideration history of drug and alcohol use, current drug and alcohol use, other mental health concerns, past treatment or counseling services,  age, gender, ethnic/cultural background, religion/spiritual background,  presence of social supports, and identifying an appropriate level of care that matches severity of use.  
  • Explore and process the role of drugs/alcohol in your life
  • Openly discuss ambivalence about change
  •  Connect to resources in the community that will support and encourage your recovery journey. 
  • Develop new skills for working with cravings and urges
  • Learn mindfulness skills and other relapse prevention techniques
  • Learn and practice more effective ways of coping with stress, anxiety, depression, anger
  • Learn and practice new ways of solving the problems that arise in life
  • Address past trauma or challenges to making a lasting change   

Together we can discover what has been keeping you in the same cycle of addiction and work towards giving you the tools you need to let go of the past and begin building a solid, recovery focused foundation free from your addiction.

​Are you concerned about someone else’s drug or alcohol use? Witnessing your son, daughter, friend, partner, or family member stuck in the cycle of addiction can be difficult. Knowing how best to support them and yourself can be challenging. Call me today to find out how your own therapy can be beneficial, 303-800-3259. Click on the following link for more information about recognizing the signs of alcohol abuse in a loved one,