Group Counseling & Therapy in Lakewood, CO

Rooted in Recovery Counseling PLLC offers group therapy in a variety of areas including:

  • Peer support group for women wanting to feel more confident and stable in managing recovery from substance abuse and addiction and learn more skills and tools to manage stress and interrupt unhealthy behavior and relationship patterns. 
  • A women’s empowerment group where women have an opportunity to come together and create meaningful connections with one another and gain the support they need to make positive, desirable, and healthy choices in their life.
  • A support group for new mothers aimed at providing a space for women to address the  multiple changes and transitions after having a baby and learning how to create balance amidst these changes using skills and tools to calm bodies and minds.

Perhaps this is the first time you are considering therapy or counseling in a group setting and you aren’t entirely sure what it’s about or you find yourself becoming overwhelmed with mixed emotions and thoughts about being in a group with other people and sharing your “stuff”. That’s okay! We all have some degree of nervousness when trying something new, meeting new people, and challenging ourselves in a way we haven’t before.

If you would like to read more on group therapy you can follow this link to an article published by which provides useful information:

Often the more we know about something the better informed we are to make a decision.

Here is more information about how the groups I facilitate are structured. 

  • Prior to the first group session I spend time discussing with each participant, either in person or over the phone, what they can expect from the group, I learn about their expectations of the group, and determine if the group would be a good fit for their therapy needs. I think it is important that as the group facilitator it is my role to not only set you up for success but the group as whole. 
  • I value smaller therapy groups because I have found that it encourages closeness among group members and allows adequate space/time for group members to get what they need out of the group. If we feel rushed for time we are less likely to open up and talk about what we need or want to talk about and that is counterproductive to the whole reason you want to join the group in the first place. I aim to keep the number of my participants between 4-6 individuals. 
  • The initial session of the group is dedicated to creating a environment that feels safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental. It’s also a time where we mindfully and intentionally decide the type of culture we are aiming to nurture in the group space. 

​We aren’t meant to go it alone…connecting with others in a meaningful way is healing.

Author and therapist Irvin Yalom quotes one of his patients – “I know we are each ships passing in the dark and each of us is a lonely ship, but still it is mighty comforting to see the bobbing lights of the other nearby boats”. 

Please note that the groups listed here are not offered at all times. Call for more information about current days and times for the group that interests you. Space is limited for each group and pre-registration and pre-screening is required. 

I love being able to offer group counseling services–it’s one of my passions.  Why? Because it can be a powerful and sacred space to heal, learn, connect and grow. Find out when the next group that interests you starts and call me at 303-800-3259.